Join the Global Amnesty Protest!

snuffedcandleTomorrow, 23 October 2015, women from all around the world will be protesting Amnesty’s proposal for full decriminalization of the sex trade, including pimps and punters. I have written elsewhere about the shambles of how Amnesty went about developing this proposal, consulting on it and its so-called research.

I have written 120 Questions that Amnesty needs to answer before going any further with this proposal. I am still waiting for Amnesty to answer.

Women will be protesting outside Amnesty offices in the countries in purple on this map (and maybe others that we haven’t managed to get in touch with yet).


For details of the protest in London, UK, see the Amnesty Action website.

For details of the protest in Washington DC, see the End Sexual Exploitation website.

Regardless whether you can join a physical protest, please share your outrage on social media. We are using the image of the snuffed out candle shown above for the protest, to represent how the proposal is a betrayal of Amnesty’s mission to protect the human rights of the most exploited and vulnerable.

wecheckedwithapimpPlease use the #NoAmnesty4Pimps and #Amnesty hashtags. If possible, also include Amnesty International’s Twitter account (@AmnestyOnline) in your tweets.

For a great collection of articles put together by Resources Prostitution, see their Pinterest page.

The proposal is now in the hands of Amnesty International’s International Board, who have been tasked with implementing the proposal. Please write to them to ask them to acknowledge the errors and misjudgements that have been made and to abandon the proposal. The email addresses are:,,,


 Decriminalizing pimps and punters

  1. Decriminalizing pimps and punters sends the message to men and boys that it is OK to buy sex.
  2. And it sends the message to women and girls that they are commodities who exist for men’s pleasure.
  3. This legitimizes prostitution and so prostitution increases.
  4. Therefore the profits from pimping and trafficking increase.
  5. Therefore the pimping and trafficking of women and girls increase to fill the increased demand.
  6. Therefore the status of women worsens and this increases gender inequality.
  7. Full decriminalization of the sex trade leads to more violence and murders of those in prostitution compared to the Nordic Model.
  8. Full decriminalization of the sex trade is an assault on our humanity and our integrity as a community.
  9. Full decriminalization of the sex trade is an assault on women and girl’s human rights.
  10. Full decriminalization of the sex trade is a complete betrayal of Amnesty’s mission.

CRapBBcUwAAZ7ZeProstitution is not the solution to women and girl’s unemployment and economic disadvantages. Pimping and trafficking are not the solution to men and boy’s unemployment and poverty.

Instead we are calling for an approach based on the Nordic Model.

Please join our protest.

The campaign continues

24 October 2015: The day of protest is now over but the campaign to get Amnesty International to recognise the dangers of its proposed policy continues. As Amnesty International had not replied to my email asking them to answer my 120 Questions, during the London, UK, protest I went into the Amnesty International headquarters and delivered a paper copy of another letter to the International Board requesting them to answer the questions.

Here are some photos of the protest outside the office of Amnesty International’s International Secretariat, London, UK. The police estimated that 200 people attended.



See Janie Davies’s Feminist Current article for a report about the worldwide day of protest.


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